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IMPORTANT: Because Mercado Pago is the only payment processor I could get as a Mexican Citizen that allows adult content, prices might be displayed in Mexican Pesos (1 usd = 18 pesos)

The Mighty Spanklord vs the Vengeful Captain
  • The Mighty Spanklord vs the Vengeful Captain

    Spanklord is a naughty dwarf who corrupts ladies with his mental powers. He has become the most wanted criminal for the Galactic League of Strict Ladies. No one was able to catch him. Only a heroine from another universe can.

    Even though this game includes some soft male domination, this is a game focused in femdom spanking. If you're not into it, you would probably don't like it. Spankos who fantasized by being punished over the lap of a heroine, will definitely enjoy it.

    Objectives is simple. Raise Energy, Mind Power and Criminality to face the Captain. Every action has a chance of failure.

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