Links to the best fm stories in the web

These are the stories that have inspired me. Thank you for all those amazing spanking writers!


Melissa II A young boy meets the prettiest babysitter. He's eager to know how Melissa spanks and soon finds himself over her knee.

Spanked by the babysitter A boy spies on his gorgeous babysitter.

Kim's story A teenage girl learns how discipline a naughty boy. Story written from the spanker's perspetive.

The origin of his fetish An young man remembers his babysitter spankings. Then he meets her again and finally receives the punishment he deserved.

Too old... not! Haley is a teenage boy who believes he's too old for having a babysitter. Then he meets Gina.

Gina's hairbrush Haley gets into big trouble and Gina this time gives him the spanking of his life.

The babysitter A teenager makes a plan to make his new babysitter punish him

Lori's revenge A babysitter is fed up by a naughty boy


Christian faith academy A boy constantly gets into trouble in school for his laziness. Several times he gets the paddle.

Groundhog day at Jeferson's arms A highschool disobedient boy stays in detention with his newbie teacher. She spanks him for the first and last time.

Mi profesora particular (spanish) A young adult who constantly fails his English assignments, gets a hard spanking by his mature private English teacher.

Teacher's punishment A highschool boy is severly punished by principal who is his father's friend. Contains

Memories of Miss Manson After staying in detention for the whole year, a teen boy is finally properly punished by Ms. Manson.

The student teacher After a young boy misbehaves constantly in French class, his novice beautiful teacher gives him what he deserves.

The formidable Mrs. Watson A teacher is ready to deal with four suspects of bullying

The painful truth A young boy gets into a forbidden school area and witness a crime. When he confess the truth to the principal, he gets an unexpected surprise.

Please don't take me to the principal A short but cute story of a boy begging his teacher not to send him to the principal.

Ms. Pringle solves a problem In the early 20th century, a young boy is so poor that doesn't wear underwear, and gets punished in private by his teacher.

School out's for the summer It's the last day of school. Dany asks Ms. Appleby to give him something to remember.

Daydream and volcanoes Dany, a young boy stays after school to be punished by his lovely teacher Ms. Appleby

Tom and Miss Moss A college boy gets a hard, erotic spanking and caning at his teacher's house.

Stepmoms and aunties

Stepmom in summertime A boy gets into big trouble and his stepmom takes the matter in her own hands.

James and his Auntie Cara A mother hears the unequivocal spanking sounds coming from her sister's room, and witness how she spanks his son.

Boy spanked by his Aunt Tanya A boy stays the night with his father's younger sister and is caught tasting alcohol.

A boy spanked by his aunt A shy boy continuously wets his pants until Aunt Janice takes him over her lap.

A boy spanked by his Auntie A naughty boy who believes Auntie will never punish him gets an unexpected spanking.

Remembrance II Another short story of a boy and his stepmother

Sent to my aunt A very erotic story of a boy and his beautiful aunt.

Aunt Paula A college boy who has never been spanked, asks his aunt to punish him.

Julie A short story about a young boy and his stepmother

friend's moms and others

A perfect plan Dany goes to visit his best friend's mom to talk to her and get some cookies. He gets the cookies and a sore bum.

The naughty little goat A lovely story of a boy who asked his crush to spank him

The adventure of the hotel waitress A boy never believed he would get into trouble with the gorgeous hotel waitress

A knock on the door A young man is delighted by his neighbor spanking her son

The study plan A neighbor offers a boy to improve his studies. He comes back when he's in college to accept her offer.

Mrs. Wilkins VII A boy stays for the summer at his best friend's home. He soon finds him over his best friend's mom's lap.

Paying the price A college boy is punished by his mature landlady for cheating.

My first proper spanking story A brave boy goes to his best friend's house to ask his pal's mother to spank him.

Spanked by a neighbor for teasing After a boy misbehaves at his neighbor's house. Then he asks his friend's mother to punish him.

A very unexpected punishment A college boy browses spanking websites at his friend's house. Then the mother catches him.