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The Spankingverse

I'm serious, I'm gonna build THE SPANKINGVERSE!

My plan is too ambitious and I'm feeling like the Kevin Feige in femdom games (LOL). This is a plan with no schedule, because I can't say how much it will take to create each one of the stages. I'm going to connect almost all the games I've released to create a saga with a strong story line full of fantasy, challenges, heroes and heroines, and of course, a lot of female laps and sore bums! The main plot began on my first game, the place where all began.

(9-10-2023 update)

I advice everyone to play the following games if you haven't. The plot of the next release, that I want it to be the biggest and best game of Fm spanking ever existed, will be strongly attached to them.

1. The Quest for Spankytown. Here began the story of the mighty Prince Menathal, an arrogant noble who was exiled by the evil witch Zargana to Spankytown in the form of the most naughty little dude ever existed: Melvin.

2. Spankytown College. Melvin finally finishes high school and goes to College. Here you will meet Marco, Violet, Angela and Nancy, Melvin's classmates who will take a very important role in the story.

3. Ms. Harley's sorebum dice. This one doesn't have a story, but will introduce 3 very important characters: Harley, Lady Poison and EmoBruce.

4. Disturbance in the Spankingverse. The gorgeous Superspanker meets Melvin in a very hillarious and challenging game.

5. Dr. Doris Miraculous Clinic. This 45 min visual novel introduces us to darkness and witches.

Other games that are important, but not completely necessary are La Llorona, the Xmas Lady, The Weeping Chants of Arrogant Heroes, Lady Gemma and the latest release, Mrs. Rachel McConnal.

Now, here's the plan for upcoming games.

1. The Quest for Spankytown: The Knight and his Dream Lady - part I. This was originally called my Stepmom spanks me. It was supposed to be a small game, with Marco as the MC, and prelude to a renewed version of Quest for Spankytown. But when I got the game almost finished in January 2023, I wasn't happy with the outcome, and decided to add stuff. And little by little it became bigger and bigger. On May, when I got my new PC and updated the 3d models from Genesis 5 to Genesis 9, I scrapped 5gb of images and began almost from zero. The image quality has improved by far, and that gave me time to create a deeper and more exciting plot that will begin where Spankytown College ended and will tie the story with all the other games. Released on 30-I-2024

2. 1. The Quest for Spankytown: The Knight and his Dream Lady - part II (Conclusion)

Release projected to May-June 2024

3. The Quest for Spankytown: The pursuit for the Princess. Melvin will come back as the MC, to try to find the clues of his lost princess Aerdrie. If the previous game was big, this one will be even larger. Probably will be divided in 2 chapters.

4. Disturbing the Spankingverse, once again. Things will become a mess when a more evil and naughtier version of Mxytplspank arrives again to town. Side effects will be massive and will lead to the next game.

5. The Batemo and the Wonder Lady. This will be different. A mystery, dark tone where Emo Bruce will have his mission, and Wonder Lady will be the strict lady that will aid him.

6. The Quest for Spankytown: The Rise of the Mighty Prince. This will be the last chapter of the saga.

I have all the plot in my head, and know perfectly how will end. However, the development might chance and split the big games in 2 chapters, add or change some of the games planned here. If there's a major change, I will update this post.

Thanks to all of you, and specially to the ones that have been supporting me since the beginning. I want this to be great, and as I said, my goal is to create the best spanking video games ever!

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