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The Spankingverse


I'm serious. I'm gonna build it. My plan is too ambitious, and now I'm feeling the Kevin Feige in femdom games (LOL). This is a plan with no schedule, because I can't say how much it will take to create each one of the stages. But now I can say which this stages are going to be, and what they will include. It's going to be like this:

1. My Stepmom spanks me. This will be kinda of a intro in the big story and where I will test the core of the mechanics, something with no dice involved, but where things won't be totally on your control. It would be something like the sims, where if you flirt with a girl to make wohoo (get laid with her), she will certainly reject you if you barely know her. But later, no matter if you have married her and she deeply loves you, she might reject you just because she's not on the right mood (she can be hungry, sad, pissed off, needing to pee... etc..).

2. The Quest for Spankytown, Chap 1, stage 1. This will be basically the same old game renewed and merged with Spankytown College. Obviously with a far better game system, graphics, improved story, more possibilites and many more and different scenes with a lot of strict ladies.


3. Disturbing the Spankingverse, final version. I know this one was not a too popular game, specially for the ones who get a bit frustrated with dice rolling. But finishing this is mandatory for the story. Also, I will improve the battle system, which will include dice, but with a less frustrating approach.

What will be great and many of you are expecting, is that it will introduce the fabulous Wonder Spanker with Ms. Carter and Ms. Gadot's outfits. 


4. The Quest for Spankytown Chap 1, stage 2. Defeating Mxyztplk will have serious colateral effects in Spankytown, and all the superheroines and supervillains will join the story.


5. Madame Tremont's Music Creation Masterclass. This will be a side game, where I will merge my composition classes with OTK, which will be useful in real life, if you ever want to compose music. The main difference is that instead of having a chubby middle age dude, who's also very patient, (me, lol), you will have a too gorgeous teacher that will lack patience and will put you over her knees at the minimum failure.


6. The Quest for Spankytown, Chap 2. In this chap, the story will be the most important. A lot of side stories plus a huge development of the main plot, where Madame Tremont will have a huge role as Melvin's new tutor.


7. Angela's quest. Violet & Marco. Don't think I forgot about them! The ending of chap 2 will demand a side game with Angela, Violet and Marco as the main protagonists, because without his friends, Melvin won't be able to fulfill his quest. I don't know if it will be 2 separate games or only one. 


8. The Batemo and the Wonder Spanker. This will be different. A mystery, dark tone where Emo Bruce will have his mission, and Wonder Spanker will be the strict lady that will aid him. This one will conclude the Superspanker's story line.


9. The Quest for Spankytown, Third and Final chapter.


10. Simulators. During this long process, I won't stop making content to fill the months without a major release. However, these mini-games/simulators will be simple after Stepmom. Ms. Prince will be the model. A single interactive scene that you will decide with a previous poll, with no story and just a punished boy and a girl (Fm/Ff). Something I want to achieve here is to get real famous doms to be the voice actors. I've contacted some, and at least have grabbed some attention. Now I need to find the way to convince the first one. 

Well this is the plan. I don't know if it would take 2, 3 or 4 years to complete it. At least I must do it before stupid Marvel finishes their Multiverse saga, which seems will SUCK because of their terrible writing from the more terrible writers they've been hiring (Sorry, but I had to make my rant, because I was so delighted by Infinity War, and now I'm very disappointed, LOL) If things go well, and I get more patrons and income, I would definitely hire some staff to help me, to speed it up, or at least not be very delayed. I want to delegate most of the monthly content to someone, so that I fully focus on the Quest saga. So, if you want these projects to happen sooner, consider supporting me on Patreon, subscribestar, or purchase the games. I want this to be great, and as I said, my goal is to create the best spanking video game ever!

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