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Spanking fetish is something that must stay always like pure fantasy between consenting adults. I'm strictly against any form of violence against minors and non-consenting adults. Times have changed, and there are new and more effective ways of raising children than spanking. The spanking scenarios in games, stories and images contained in this site are fictional or parodies where all chars involved are adults who may have childish behavior.

About this site

I'm SpankoMx, a simple, single Mexican, mature guy. Being punished over a woman's lap has been my fantasy since I was 7. Because my "macho" country is not an open place for female domination, there are few chances to live my spanking fetishes here. If I lived in USA or UK, I'd be visiting Pro Disciplinarians at least once a month. This situation has made me look for other ways of satisfying my spanking desires. I began buying videos and memberships of almost of every Fm spanking website. Then I reached a point when I got a bit tired of videos, especially after my favorite websites closed or got stuck in content, I began writing stories and making 3d images. Then I moved to videogames. This is the stage when my frustration reached a summit. I found great games like Cure my Addiction, which began amazingly, but little by little turned into a male supremacy game. I kept looking, but the spanking games were more Mf or Ff-oriented, and the femdom games were too hardcore for an "innocent" spankee like me. That's when I decided I would make my own videogame fully devoted to Fm spanking, and here I am, building the Spankingverse.

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The Spankingverse

My first game was The Quest for Spankytown. It's a big story about Melvin, a little immature, pathetic dude who's 21. He's the typical naughty, naughty disobedient boy who would only learn his lesson with a proper spanking over a strict woman's knees. Melvin is the unruly boy I am in my spanking dreams. I have all Melvin's story already in my mind, and I won't rest until I finished it. All the other minigames and simulators I'm making will be connected with the main story, and that's why I call it the Spankingverse. The Quest for Spankytown is still far from finished, and my main goal is to make it the best spanking game ever. Here's the plan.

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