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This will be the hottest game I've made. A lot of Fm spanking plus some xtra. Who wouldn't love to have this attention after or before an good OTK?

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The Bratwatchers will be my new game. Not too complicated, just a little project away from the big games but with loads of action. The main character, Elmo Dick, is the major's son and a total spoiled brat who actually believes he can swim to the Island of Pleasure. He doesn't give a damn about what the bay watchers say about swimming in the deep sea. After bailing him out so many times, the baywatchers are ready to teach him a lesson. Release expected for March 20-25th.

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I've been dreaming about being over a lady's lap since I was 7. Making this dream come true has been quite a tough task for me, as a Mexican living in Mexico. Until the age of 25, when the internet emerged, I quietly lived this fantasy and often doubted my sanity. I remember watching a TV show episode that year where an amused reporter visited a BDSM club in the US. The initial footage showed a woman spanking a man as he lay across her lap. Immediately, my repressed yearnings for spanking resurfaced.

I searched the web and came across the first spanking images, then videos, and it made me rediscover a repressed part of myself, which made me happy again. Obtaining quality content was a challenge with a 3.5 K modem.

Over time, as the internet speed increased, I came across some amazing sites. Strict Women and Vixen Ladies were my favorites by far. The inclusion of CFNM in the punishments was one of the things I loved about those sites, along with the beautiful ladies. It is essential for me to experience the shame of complete exposure in the presence of a strict lady. That's why I find numerous videos unattractive and occasionally even vexing, like those from the studio behind Strict Ladies and Yes Ma'am. It took me nearly ten years to go through all the Fm spanking videos and finally understand that my preferred ones were from Nu-west/Leda. My extensive collection of FM spanking videos included Dana Kane, Mom's Knee, Audrey Knight, and individual videos from ephemeral studios that disappeared. Sadly, I experienced a hard drive failure that caused me to lose most of my catalogue.

I remembered used to go to clips4sale and buy a couple of videos per month. Now I browse the site, and find nothing alluring. Just like with Spanking Library, where I only purchased a few videos from Vixen Ladies that I didn't own. On my X account, I actively follow the majority of professional spankers to keep up with their latest content. It's unfortunate that the chances of seeing a new Dana Kane are highly improbable. Currently, most studios are gone and many pros are all about loyalfans, which is awesome because it gives them complete control. But besides some rare exceptions, I haven't come across to any that would make me shell out for a membership. It's as if the magic from those cool vintage fm spanking videos vanished. Yes, there are many free spanking content, and a lot of videos with a hard otk. But most lack from a good scolding intro followed by a shameful exposure. This is another reason I got into creating fm spanking content. What do you think? Am I right? Am I missing something? If you also believe we are in crisis, why do you think it is?

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