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The evil Mxtplspank came to destroy the Spankingverse!

3 Space.jpg
myx exp02.png

And SuperSpanker  is the only hope!

promo supergirl 11.png
promo seq 5.png

the evil wizard hid inside one of the naughty

prince's version in the spankingverse

back college ok.png
teto 3 exp44.png
teto peepee 4216.png

Help Superspanker to find which naughty boy is the evil Mxyztspank and give him the Superspanking that will send him back to his dimension

promo lecture.png

Be ready to deal with traps

promo seq 9.png

REal naughty boys...

And some fooled Superspankers

promo seq 0.png
promo leglock.png
promo fight2.png
promo supergirl spanked.png

Just try no to turn Crazy..

crazy promo.png

Version 2.0 with amazing WonderSpankers coming soon!

a wonder back.png

 Stay Tuned!

iNCLUDED in Patreon  OR Subscribestar
for a Recurrent members

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