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The Little Prince now goes to college

Will he meet new girls?

students leave.jpg

and become A peeping tom?

girls teto spying.png

Or A panty thief?

girlsroom teto.png

What about stealing the monthly exam?

crime teto3.png

frame the evidence...

rob teto.jpg

And accuse an innocent?

class accuser teto.png

and all, just to enjoy the show!

ms apple angela superpaddle02.jpg

But if he's caught...

school teto lecture 1.jpg

It may be too shameful..

teto exam paddle miss talks.jpg


teto exam paddle fron01.jpg


teto corner extreme far00.jpg

Maybe it could be intimate..

ms appleby otk teto04.jpg

Welcome to the hottest place in Spankytown

girlsbathroom all girls 2.jpg

where karma...

nancy spank 219.jpg
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