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IMPORTANT: Because Mercado Pago is the only payment processor I could get as a Mexican Citizen that allows adult content, prices might be displayed in Mexican Pesos (1 usd = 18 pesos)

Disturbance in the Spankingverse
  • Disturbance in the Spankingverse

    Mxyztplk is a serious threat to the Spankingverse, and Superspanker is the only hero who can stop him. To make Mxyztplk say his name backwards, Superspanker must give him the OTK-spanking of his life. Unfortunately, Mxyztplk's evil magic made Superspanker lost most of her skills. No more super-view, super-ear, super-speed. She has turned into a dumb, slow-reaction superheroine. And to make things worse, she forgot how properly smack a naughty bum. The only way to recover her spankskills is with practice with a real naughty boy.

    To play with her, Mxyztplk shapeshifted into our well known Melvin (MC of Quest for Spankytown and Spankytown College), and created "clones" of some other versions of Melvins in the Spankingverse. One Melvin is Mxyztplk, another is a kryptonite bomb, the other a magical illusion, and the last one, the original Melvin. 

    WHO'S WHO?

    The first objective of the game is to find out which one is who. The 4 Melvins are in different locations (Spankytown College, Paddlying Street, Sorebum Park and Slipper bridge) and to achieve it, you must be quite a good observer, and try all the options available. Supergirl can perform several actions.

    Chat. Unless you chat too much to a ticking time bomb, or a magical illusion, chat is safe. 

    Heat vision Destroy a bombs but incinerates the real Melvin. 

    Kick and punch Resets bombs or illusion's and is the only way to get rid of potential danger. Problems come when you punch or kick Melvin or Mxyzplk.

    Hug. Will reveal the real Melvin if he's in a good mood, and will make him happy if he's in a bad mood. If you hug a bomb, an illusion or Mxyztplk, it will be a bit annoying.

    Kick the "family jewels" The only way to destroy an illusion, but will take you into serious trouble if done to Melvin or Mxyztplk.

    Peepee inspection This one reveals a bomb. Melvin will become a perv if he's not already one. Not recommended for Mxyztplk and the illusion.

    Show boobs. Reveals an illusion. Melvin will go into perv mood like in peepee inspection. Not recommended for Mxyztplk and the bomb.

    Lecture (punishment threat) This one helps to confirm or unconfirm suspicions. Melvin and Mxyztplk react according to their mood, while bomb and illusions most of the time react weirdly.

    Smack the bum. This is the only way Superspanker will remember her punishing skills, and the only way is by smacking the real Melvin. The problem is that it must be a deserved punishment, which means the little perv has to misbehave first. Once she learned bare bum smacking and has destroyed illusion and bomb, you can go after Mxyztplk and go for the next Universe or win the game (There are 2 universes in this version and there will be 4 in the deluxe version). If Supergirl punishes him before those two requirements are done, you won't win the game or clear a level, but may get a reward. However, it's not that easy. Everytime Mxyztplk is punished or Melvin recieves an unfair sore bum, a superheroine or supervillain will come to avenge the poor boy. It will be a hard battle that you won't like to lose! If you don't defeat the unwanted enemy, there's no reward.

    Smacking the bum of an illusion or bomb is something VERY DANGEROUS.


    Every battle won and every succesful action (find or destroy a trap) may give some nice rewards that will empower Superspanker, making the battles and the dice rolling easier. 


    As I said, you must be quite an observer, as every little detail counts. Did Melvin came happily running and then got angry? Then you chatted with him and turned sad? It could mean you're dealing with a fake one, or also, that the real Melvin is in BIPOLAR MOOD. Then you can lecture him or hug him to see what happens. The problem is that if it's a bomb or an illusion, the time is ticking and Supergirl may be doomed from an extra interaction. Let's imagine the Melvin comes happy. You chat 2 times and he's happy, but in the third one, he turns sad. That would mean he's for sure a fake one! But which one? A bomb or an illusion? You can try Show Boobs or Peepee inspection. However, it may be fatal if you choose the wrong one. The wisest decision would be kick away the fake Melvin and move to another location, interact with another Melvin, and so on. There are arount 50 different expressions and 8 possible moods. HAPPY, SAD, PERV, ANNOYING, ANGRY and BIPOLAR for Melvin and Mxyztplk, WEIRD, CRAZY and ANNOYING for bomb and illusion. As you can imagine, it would be somewhat easy to spot the real Melvin if he's in a SAD mood. But if he's in the ANNOYING or BIPOLAR, he can be easily taken for a fake one!


    Without time involved, anyonw would eventually figure out where and who is the bomb, illusion, Melvin and Mxyztplk. To make his evil game more funny, Mxyztplk cursed Supergirl. At noon, she will turn a berserker and would only be able to perform 4 actions. HEAT VISION (destroy bomb), KICK FAMILY JEWELLS (destroy illusion), KISS THE GOOD BOY (Melvin will get his prize!!!) and PUNISH MXYZTPLK. Any wrong decision, will mean the Spankingverse is doomed. Before reaching that point, any succesful action (win a battle, destroy a trap or fairly punish a naughty boy), will make the clock go backwards and gain you an extra action. Any unsuccesful action (Losing a battle or chosing wrong), will make the clock step forward.


    As in a vintage game, you have 3 lives. Superspanker dies when a bomb explodes, she loses 3 battles, and fails the Phantom Zone. In the Phantom Zone there are some triple rewads if you win the very hard battle. 

    The game is hard and it's likely you'll lose the first battles and make a lot of terrible errors in the beginning. Rewards are the key to victory!

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