Miss Lina. There's too much to say about this Swedish, gorgeous lady because she's the only professional spanker met in real life. It was during a crazy trip I made to Europe in 2008, aiming for a small break in my life. By that moment, I've already got tons of her videos from Vixen Ladies and Lina's house of discipline. It was a very unexpected visit, because going to UK was never in my plans. It happened during a day I was in Catalunya, when I was not having a good time, browsed for some cheap flights to escape from there, and found a very cheap fight to London. Almost immediately, I emailed Miss Lina hoping she would have space in her agenda. She was really, really nice since her first reply. I remember the train to Bournemouth, having breakfast at the station and then taking a cab to her place. And when she opened the door and I realized she looked even more beautiful in person, I felt I was too good to be true. I was really nervous, because I didn't know what to expect from a pro. My only previous spanking experiences were in Mexico with dominant escorts who most of them, didn't have a clue on domestic discipline. I talked to her about my fantasy and she then asked me for every detail: "Hard? Positions? Short or long skirt? Bare legs or thighs?" She was very, very kind until she left to dress her in the chosen outfit. When she came back she fully transformed in the strict lady I ever dreamed about. She made me feel afraid when she lectured me, embarrassed when she bared my bottom and in heaven when she placed me over her bare legs. She was very strict, caring.... her hand spanking, the paddle, the leglock, over one knee, wow... just my dream finally coming true. I had also some quick erotic moments that almost made me faint. Unfortunately, it ended after an hour, but it was enough for me to remember it for the rest of my life. The only thing I regret, is that I asked her a light spanking because I was afraid of my trip back to London. Anyway, after almost 14 years had passed, I still fantasize about my memories, wishing someday I can go back to get this time a very hard punishment over her lap. Thank you, Miss Lina! Any video you purchase from her is definitely worth it, and even though she might have hundreds, I'm always looking forward for more.