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This is the beginning of a huge project, aiming to create a much closer to reality spanking simulator, where you will submit to Themis, the Spanking Goddess. In this first edition, Themis will incarnate as Mrs. Rachel McConnal, your best friend's mom. Once a week you come to her house when she's by her own, and she will correct your terrible behavior. Will it be a soft OTK? Hand, paddle, spatula or wooden spoon? How many strokes? How long? Will she be soft or hard or very severe? The only thing is that you won't have control and will be at her mercy.


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The app is designed in a way every spanking will be unique, In this first version, there are 3 main positions, 3 implements and 5 different camera views. Images are designed with the lastest 3d models available in the marker.

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instant reward for Patrons and Subscribers
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Soon I will be offering personalized versions of the app. Write me a mail at for more info.

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