About me

I'm SpankoMx, a Mexican simple, middle aged man who has fantasized about being the dude in the above image since I was 7. I remember the days when I watched Linda Carter's Wonder Woman and dreamt of her putting me over her knee and smacking my bottom. I was spanked a couple of times by my mom, but that never fueled my fantasies. It was always about non relatives, specially gorgeous actresses. I always thought there was something wrong about me until the 2000's when I accidentally watched a report in a Latin American tv show about "crazy" Americans who practiced BDSM. Then I finally realized there are tons of people like me. Almost immediately, I browsed it in the web that in those days could only be accessed by a 3.5 k modem, and got my first contact with adult spanking. Unfortunately, because of living in a Latin American country that's still too immersed into the "patriarchy", finding a dominant strict woman fond into domestic discipline has been a close to impossible task. My only real spanking experiences have been when I traveled to UK in 2008 and last year when a British disciplinarian came to Mexico. Maybe because of my lack of experience, I had lived my spanking fantasies through my creations. I started making 3D images, then writing stories, making animations, and finally, moving to video games.

I'm a little picky in spanking scenarios, and that has a lot to do when I purchase a video or a membership. A spanking session without OTK and without the spankee being completely bared (underwear below the knees), becomes less interesting for me. In stories, I don't like the ones with direct relatives, like moms or sisters. I also don't like any scenario with male spankers, or that happens in a dungeon with a black leather dominatrix and a whip. So, sorry if you won't find that content in this site. However, I'm open to feedback, suggestions and complaints that may lead to future changes. I'm also looking for people who would like to contribute to this site, with stories, art, images, and anything else.

Hope this site grows and becomes a great site in Femdom Spanking.

Thanks for visiting!

IMPORTANT: Even though this site may contain some stories and art depicting minors, I'm totally against child spanking and any other kind of abuse towards minors. Everything here is about consensual spanking between adults whose fantasies are many times related to age regression, and who look forward to live their fantasies through these stories and art. No matter we may be mature men, in the inside we dream of being naughty boys who lived in the 20th century and are constantly punished over women's lap. That's all, is a fetish and a fantasy like many others that should always stay as fiction or in a acted, adult consensual environment. Anyone who comes here to feed a desire to beat real children, or gets encouraged to do it, please go away and look for other options. The world has changed and is keeps doing so at great speed and now there are new proved ways of rising children away from corporal discipline. Maybe by the end of the century, after the new generations free of spanking become the elders, no one will have childhood spanking fetishes anymore (if humanity still prevails, of course)


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